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27 August 2006 @ 09:02 pm
Here Be The 'Latest' Rant  
I don't know how long it is since I did my last LJ, not that it really matters I'm just trying to keep my horrifically infrequent post-rate to it's norm. After all, people'll start spasming if I post more than once a week!

What have I been up to? Well, since I last posted with my Holiday Journal I stayed at my friend's house for another three days - spending most of my time on the internet, and really not sleeping healthy amounts, but what're ya gonna do about it? *smiles* It was fun.

I've been RPing a lot with benaforn lately. A fairly sweet RP between Rykan and Emerdine, (Rye's mine, Em's hers) - who are both found, ince, on falcons_honour's board - the City of Sûl. It's getting really good, and I certainly love doing them. If you're reading this from elsewhere and like RPing - pop over to the board, we'd love to see you.

In any case, I went into my local town yesterday and spent a good four hours making up time with my sunshine who I haven't seen for a stupidly long time. It was so much fun. ^^! Then went shopping and bought Spirited Away - the cutest film in the history of the universe. I felt myself sitting through the credits at 2am (after watching it) just going: 'D'awwwwwwwhhhhhh!!!'

Intensely irritated though 'cause I've just had a Huge Flaming Row that I never do anything to tidy up in the house when I tidy my room, make the beds, wash up and do the ironing. I mean, when you're greeted after being away for four days by 'You've got ironing to do.' you know you help around the house. Is it my fault the place doesn't look entirely pristine?? It's not my fault she has a bloody cleaning fetish why the hell does she take it out on me?! ¬¬;

Umm... So yeah - I've spent today doing nothing, basically, it just feels like I've done so much more than I actually have over the past five days. Hrm. Oh well.

I'm going to a birthday party (Which I now have the present for! Yessss!!) on Saturday - going to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show at the theatre - I can't wait!!
Feeling: lonelyOne is the loneliest number...
Listening To: Dar Williams: "Are You Out There?"