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24 June 2006 @ 01:07 pm

Feel free to ignore this...

I don't believe it. I am so frickin' annoyed. My homeland is NOT BEING INSULTED LIKE THAT!!

Firstly I had an argument with my brother about the actual meaning of supporting a football team - he didn't get it. And I don't like him. He's a little shit.
I had to make it known to my "mother" that I wanted to buy a Poland shirt with my own money - and she likened me, and Poland themselves, to the chavs (referred to as "common muck") which hang out at my local fun day.
Well, did I explode? You bet I fucking did. I simply yelled: "Well if being dedicated to a football team, or being dedicated to anything, is chavvy well then that's your problem love." and stormed out. I don't believe her. She can't insult my homeland like that!! I am NOT chavvy and niether is the entirety of Poland I want to break her nose into several little pieces the fucking bitch.
(I mean - I even got at my girlfriend the other day 'cause she was giggling at my small obsession with Poland... She apologised and didn't realise it got to me that much, and I forgave her instantly but you know what I mean?)
I also had to make out something about thinking Radomski was cute to tell "mother" why I supported Poland. ¬¬ Not funny. I'm playing on her want of me to be straight to cover up my heritage and my love life now - this is getting totally out of hand.

And I want out of here... Now. ¬¬!!

*sigh* Bitchrant over I'm still a bit peeved... And I was all bouncey before and now I'm just pissed. ¬¬ She really knows how to fuck up my happy moods.

Anyway - what's been happening in the last week?

Tuesday Poland beat Costa Rica 2-1 but were knocked out the World Cup. Wednesday was just a pissy day when I sucked in my English test, (So much I nearly started crying...), ruined my art sculpture and handed in a piece of chemistry/biology work which just died a death. Textiles was ok, we finished projects and sat painting for an hour and ten minutes, and maths? Maths is maths. ¬¬ What do you expect? Thursday uhh... We had a new girl in school who seemed ok if a bit snappy with me, now new people make me nervous - but she could be cool? She can speak fluent Japanese, I know that. ^_^ Friday I found out I was losing my favourite teacher next year, and her little sister who's been in for a fortnight or so, was leaving back to her homeland. So I was saddened muchusly by that... She's a nice person. ^_^ Both of them are...

So yah - woke up this morning happy after a nice and exciting dream (consisting of 'The Simpsons', 'Harry Potter' and 'Lilo and Stitch' - it even had a car chase in it!!) feeling rather bouncy - but as I say... ¬¬ Peeved now!! 

So I'm off - people are coming online!! Wow!! ^_^!!

(NB: What has LJ done to image posting? Anyone know? O.o'')
Feeling: bitchy*killkillkill*
Listening To: Evanescence: Imaginary