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05 May 2006 @ 06:43 pm
The Recent... Yes... All Of It. (Well, mostly.)  

To start at the beginning, I have heard, is a wise idea. Fuck this idea. I'm going from when I can remember, and if I forget I forget. I shall let you know.

I would like to begin by saying: "Owwwwwww!!" As my uterus is dying and would like to renounce it's title as my uterus as it has been promoted to 'Dragon slayer' I'm sure. Piss. It hurts. *cuddles hot water bottle* 

"I'm in a piss-poor mood and I'm running out of Tampax." ~ Hermione

But I tell you something that makes it sliiightly better? This fic: Pains by auburn_crimson - it's fantastic, I believe, though she made it quite clear she doesn't agree. Makes me laugh. I adore Hermionie in it - she's me. (Yah - period pains? Don't prod the Dragon. (And definately don't do what a girl in my class decided to do in the middle of maths and Punch Me In The Stomach. I could've killed her, I swear, and would have, if I hadn't have been doubling over equations at the time. ¬¬!!)) My advice to all you girlies out there who get it as bad as I do: Read it - it's guarenteed to make you snicker.

Oh great... Now my ribs hurt. Can this get any better?

In other news: the school, my school, Colditz, has been overrun with Poles. (That's Polish people - not long cyclinder-shaped things.) This, my friends, is Bloody Fantastic. Well, it could be better I suppose. They won't actually talk to me. However, this is an exchange which they're thinking about making an annual occurence. Which means I can do it next year. Hello?? Pole in my house??? Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!!
I actually got to show the two Polish teachers round the school this morning, (which ended up in not-so-good consequences but they're All Fine Now) and they were talking behind me in fluent Polish. Fluent!! Oh I was a happy bunny.
Okay, so I told myself I'd go up to one of them and strike up conversation starting with 'hi' in Polish... Only I have so little faith in myself and my pronunciation skills, or lack of them as the case may be, I kind of haven't... Yet. (What? They're Tall and Scary - but very cool looking I have to admit.) So, err, yah. May do exchange next year. Best bit? I get to go to Poland!! w00t!! xD

Umm... other than that err...

I'm addicted to CtrlAltDel, which is a webcomic falcons_honour got me addicted to. (Yes, it's all hir fault. (Tim (yes, that's the writer) updates on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays by the way dear, no point in telling me when anymore.)) I advise you to check it out, I mean really, I've only ever been addicted to two webcomics in my life - this is one of them. (The other one, if anyone's interested, is Pantheon. I think you have to check out Archives, apprently it's changed since I was last on. o.o'' I don't know.) And Ethan Just Rawks.

Anyways - I think that's pretty much it for now... Anything else I could say I don't want to... Or can't.

Do zobaczenia! ^^! (That's 'see ya' to you English. (What?? I value myself quater-Polish thank you - I will learn this language.))

Feeling: uncomfortableMeh. Ow. Meh.
Listening To: Garbage: Why Do You Love Me?