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25 March 2006 @ 10:04 am
Completely Random Completely Bored Completely Update-y Thingie. ^^!  

*safety pin breaks on back of Dragon's trousers* Shit. ¬¬ *it's keeping a little thing on of a skull with a pink bow on my jeans pocket - I like it but now it only has two out of four safety pins - shit - will go find new ones later*

Hellu all - how are the lot of you? Well - this is going to be boring, I can just tell, so you can feel free to skip it - but I fancied a rant. Well... Actually - just a chat about myself 'cos I'm an egotistical git. All of what I want to put on here I Can't which is a real bummer 'cos I'm still bouncing off the walls but oh well. I shall make a rant about my new clothes. A nice rant. I like new clothes.

The end of last week I got a huge carrier bag off my grrn (gran for all of you who are uncultured  *kidding*) full of clothes off my cousins. (Who buy clothes like they're going out of fashion... (pardon the pun) ... and I get the ones they don't want anymore and that I like. Hand-me-downs, yes, but they're once-worn-if-you're-lucky hand-me-downs. So it's new clothes without spending a penny. I love my cousins.) Aaaand it was a nice batch of stuff - including a skirt I'm currently debating whether to wear in Belgium... It's very short and has a zip all the way up the front.  I love it. Along with many other nice things (including a top I originally thought was a waistcoat which I'm wearing today to go into Durham with - yes I will freeze but I plan on spending all my time in Doc Black so mehy mehy meh meh. (Mehy mehy meh meh???  I need some new quirks. Fast. ¬¬)

*sigh* What to talk about... hrmm... OH!! I KNOW!!


*sings and dances like some over-possessed loon*

Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes ohhh fuck yes! One more week then he's gone for good - I never thought this day would come and I don't believe it. (That'll teach him to tell me off for wearing eyeliner at school. Stupid man. Just 'cos he's as ugly as a pig's arse doesn't mean he has to take it out on everyone else!!) It's too good to be true... *looks at ceiling* You do love me up there, don't you? (I think they've just got a funny way of showing it... )

Aaaanyway - I have nothing else to talk about really and this was just a boredom buster. Hope everyone's okay etc. - I'm going to play on dA now. ^^

Love you all!! Byeeeee! xxxx

Feeling: chipper*bouncebounce*
Listening To: Alter Bridge: Open Your Eyes