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14 March 2006 @ 07:17 pm
One Small Step for Man... (And Four for Bingo?!)  
Is it just me who thinks the following image Really Didn't Happen?:

Please note: He's walking his dog On The Moon.

S'a full moon tonight - had a go at the woman at the science day thing 'cos she got it wrong. She asked this question (while in a planetarium):
She: "What's the moon tonight then?"
Me: *pipes up* Full moon tonight.
She: "No - it's crescent moon. *points red blinky thing at PLANETARIUM moon* *shoots me all-knowing-look*"
Me: ¬¬! That's not what you asked.

Grr. Sorry - there endeth my rant. I was right, she was wrong - she asked the wrong bloody question didn't she? Idiot woman.

Completely pointless and short entry - felt the need when I came across that image, sorry. There may be more like these - I'll warn you of 'em. ^^;
Feeling: calmRather Pointless! ^^!
Listening To: David Bowie: Suffragette City