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Dragon Child
03 September 2006 @ 05:19 am

"Perhaps I am a miscreation? No one knows the truth, there is no future here." - Dar Williams: "Are You Out There?"

Okay, so this is just because I can, and because I'm shitscared and no-one knows about it as yet, so I'm talking here. Cope. You have no choice.

Today was just, well, not bad, bad is not the word, but it's left me shitscared (see 'How I'm Feeling:') so yeah... Let me explain.

Explanation behind the cut. I apologise in advance for the bad language and indignant italics but really they are there for a reason - I need to rant and I can't talk 'cause I'm a 21st century kid who believes MSN is the way forward for any type of conversation requiring emotion - you can cry (if you're on webcam well get off you idiot), think about what you're about to say while you're saying it and not make so much of a prat of yourself. So yeah, it might not be the same if all goes well, but is that always really the case? Besides, MSN you only have to be sitting at your computer at the same time. Actual conversations require being in a room, the same room, preferably alone. (Bar said other person, of course...)


Oh, please don't read this if you have any worries of your own/care about me in any way. It rants; and most likely horribly exaggerates too - but I'm paranoid and I'll quite healthily admit it. At least I hope to merryhell and back I'm being paranoid, 'cause if not then well guys and dolls I'm about as fucked as a Chinese rabbit - so there you go. Enjoy.

I feel a bit better now... *shrug* Oh well, who needs an education anyways? This is called Just In-Cases just in-case I can't get online for a stupidly long time... Likely. If they find out. I'll guess I'll just do what I vowed to do ages ago...

And as Freddie Mercury said:

"Who lives forever anyway?" - Queen: "Who Wants To Live Forever?"

I haven't slept (like I could anyway) and I'm developing Daxxy tendencies.

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Feeling: nervousShitscared.
Listening To: Queen: "Who Wants To Live Forever?"
Dragon Child
27 August 2006 @ 09:02 pm
I don't know how long it is since I did my last LJ, not that it really matters I'm just trying to keep my horrifically infrequent post-rate to it's norm. After all, people'll start spasming if I post more than once a week!

What have I been up to? Well, since I last posted with my Holiday Journal I stayed at my friend's house for another three days - spending most of my time on the internet, and really not sleeping healthy amounts, but what're ya gonna do about it? *smiles* It was fun.

I've been RPing a lot with benaforn lately. A fairly sweet RP between Rykan and Emerdine, (Rye's mine, Em's hers) - who are both found, ince, on falcons_honour's board - the City of Sûl. It's getting really good, and I certainly love doing them. If you're reading this from elsewhere and like RPing - pop over to the board, we'd love to see you.

In any case, I went into my local town yesterday and spent a good four hours making up time with my sunshine who I haven't seen for a stupidly long time. It was so much fun. ^^! Then went shopping and bought Spirited Away - the cutest film in the history of the universe. I felt myself sitting through the credits at 2am (after watching it) just going: 'D'awwwwwwwhhhhhh!!!'

Intensely irritated though 'cause I've just had a Huge Flaming Row that I never do anything to tidy up in the house when I tidy my room, make the beds, wash up and do the ironing. I mean, when you're greeted after being away for four days by 'You've got ironing to do.' you know you help around the house. Is it my fault the place doesn't look entirely pristine?? It's not my fault she has a bloody cleaning fetish why the hell does she take it out on me?! ¬¬;

Umm... So yeah - I've spent today doing nothing, basically, it just feels like I've done so much more than I actually have over the past five days. Hrm. Oh well.

I'm going to a birthday party (Which I now have the present for! Yessss!!) on Saturday - going to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show at the theatre - I can't wait!!
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Dragon Child
22 August 2006 @ 05:36 pm
This is because I got really bored, as you can probably guess, and decided to practically eat up my diary with this Holiday Journal, plus comments of my own which you're Just Not Getting. This is my diary remember!!
Note: All in the italics is taken straight (ha!) out my diary. No edits have been done, bar any grammatical errors I may have made at some ungodsly hour when I wrote it. ^^;

Journal's behind the cut, I'm ok now and staying at my friend's for a few days - so all is good I'm away from Them. Alleluia!!

(Still reading 'Angels and Demons' - left it at home. Damn me!!)

Then I'm going in to town on Saturday, and a week after that going to said friend's birthday party. Should be fun. Must buy presents. Will go and get them on Saturday...

As for you lot: Happy (rest of) holidays!

Edit: Now the thing is actually behind a cut... ¬¬;
Feeling: creativeRPing!!
Listening To: Pink: "I'm Not Dead"
Dragon Child
31 July 2006 @ 09:56 am

Hey guys - how is everyone?

Nobody probably even reads this. It's another bogstandard, rarely updated, not that impressive LJ on the internet... I'm not special. I'm not great. I'm not different.

Then why, when I'm so alike everything else, do I feel so alone?

I've tried telling people how I feel and I don't even think they get it. I'm on holidays and I miss people... Heck I miss certain people when I'm not on holiday too... I just don't know if they get it.

I haven't been doing any emotes worth noting lately... But I am becoming a bit of a dA Addict... At least I get to talk to people on there though. Which is, arguably, a good thing.

Why arguably? 'Cos everytime I'm on my own I'm happy... Then when I come off the phone, or MSN, or chatrooms I'm always really unhappy... I don't know why.

This would usually just be attention-seeking from me... But I think there's something deeply wrong... And I have for a while now.

But as a friend of mine Furiianda so happily states: "There's something deeply wrong with every single person on earth. That's what makes people great!"

Anyway - I won't be around from Saturday onwards 'til 20th or 21st. I'm going on holiday to Greece and, although I am looking forward to Greece itself sort of, it's being masked by the overwhelming dread because I Just Don't Wanna Go With Them. I'm gonna sit in my room all day with headphones in, a large hat and a good book. I'm a holiday spoiler? You haven't met my "parents". Last year was complete torment. Three days into the holiday I literally would've killed to go home. No such luck however, and at the time it just so happened the Harry Potter book came out exactly halfway through the holidays. I was so irritated. Now as I feel like I do it's gonna be a thousand times worse 'cos I'll lose any contact I do have. But I'm taking my mobile... Screw how expensive it is... I can cope. One or two texts a day.

So I'm off to Greece, won't be here but I rarely ever am... Have a nice fortnight everyone!!


Feeling: lonelyAlone and unloved... *sniffle*
Listening To: 3 Doors Down: Here Without You
Dragon Child
24 June 2006 @ 01:07 pm

Feel free to ignore this...

*sigh* Bitchrant over I'm still a bit peeved... And I was all bouncey before and now I'm just pissed. ¬¬ She really knows how to fuck up my happy moods.

Anyway - what's been happening in the last week?

So yah - woke up this morning happy after a nice and exciting dream (consisting of 'The Simpsons', 'Harry Potter' and 'Lilo and Stitch' - it even had a car chase in it!!) feeling rather bouncy - but as I say... ¬¬ Peeved now!! 

So I'm off - people are coming online!! Wow!! ^_^!!

(NB: What has LJ done to image posting? Anyone know? O.o'')
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Listening To: Evanescence: Imaginary
Dragon Child
02 June 2006 @ 09:13 pm
Meh... Haven't posted anything on here, or on dA, for a while now... So I thought I'd remind my non-existent audience I'm really not all that dead yet. Much to the contrary, actually...

Anyway  - after experiencing Writer's Block and a thing I have where I have a masterpiece in my head, only getting it down on paper seems to be a problem, I reverted back to my old form of creativity, to get my artistic flow going again...

Gacking and editing pictures off Google!!

So I got bored. Plus I've been revising all week; nobody likes revising. Face it.

I want to be able to draw. I practise every day and can I draw? Can I frick.

And frick is my new favourite word, ince.

Anyway... I just wanted to post that... No-one's reading this so I'm not even going to bother. I'll let you know if I become the next Da Vinci.

Cheerybye. -x-
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Dragon Child
19 May 2006 @ 08:14 pm
HAPPY BIRTHDAY falcons_honour!!

Hello just would like to wish Shadow, my Father, hero and best friend, the BEST eighteenth birthday ever!

You're an adult now hun!! xD

And happy birthday from all the guys - whether they wished you it or not. They did now. ^^
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Listening To: The Chipmunks: The Time Warp
Dragon Child

To start at the beginning, I have heard, is a wise idea. Fuck this idea. I'm going from when I can remember, and if I forget I forget. I shall let you know.

I would like to begin by saying: "Owwwwwww!!" As my uterus is dying and would like to renounce it's title as my uterus as it has been promoted to 'Dragon slayer' I'm sure. Piss. It hurts. *cuddles hot water bottle* 

"I'm in a piss-poor mood and I'm running out of Tampax." ~ Hermione

But I tell you something that makes it sliiightly better? This fic: Pains by auburn_crimson - it's fantastic, I believe, though she made it quite clear she doesn't agree. Makes me laugh. I adore Hermionie in it - she's me. (Yah - period pains? Don't prod the Dragon. (And definately don't do what a girl in my class decided to do in the middle of maths and Punch Me In The Stomach. I could've killed her, I swear, and would have, if I hadn't have been doubling over equations at the time. ¬¬!!)) My advice to all you girlies out there who get it as bad as I do: Read it - it's guarenteed to make you snicker.

Oh great... Now my ribs hurt. Can this get any better?

In other news: the school, my school, Colditz, has been overrun with Poles. (That's Polish people - not long cyclinder-shaped things.) This, my friends, is Bloody Fantastic. Well, it could be better I suppose. They won't actually talk to me. However, this is an exchange which they're thinking about making an annual occurence. Which means I can do it next year. Hello?? Pole in my house??? Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!!
I actually got to show the two Polish teachers round the school this morning, (which ended up in not-so-good consequences but they're All Fine Now) and they were talking behind me in fluent Polish. Fluent!! Oh I was a happy bunny.
Okay, so I told myself I'd go up to one of them and strike up conversation starting with 'hi' in Polish... Only I have so little faith in myself and my pronunciation skills, or lack of them as the case may be, I kind of haven't... Yet. (What? They're Tall and Scary - but very cool looking I have to admit.) So, err, yah. May do exchange next year. Best bit? I get to go to Poland!! w00t!! xD

Umm... other than that err...

I'm addicted to CtrlAltDel, which is a webcomic falcons_honour got me addicted to. (Yes, it's all hir fault. (Tim (yes, that's the writer) updates on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays by the way dear, no point in telling me when anymore.)) I advise you to check it out, I mean really, I've only ever been addicted to two webcomics in my life - this is one of them. (The other one, if anyone's interested, is Pantheon. I think you have to check out Archives, apprently it's changed since I was last on. o.o'' I don't know.) And Ethan Just Rawks.

Anyways - I think that's pretty much it for now... Anything else I could say I don't want to... Or can't.

Do zobaczenia! ^^! (That's 'see ya' to you English. (What?? I value myself quater-Polish thank you - I will learn this language.))

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Dragon Child

*safety pin breaks on back of Dragon's trousers* Shit. ¬¬ *it's keeping a little thing on of a skull with a pink bow on my jeans pocket - I like it but now it only has two out of four safety pins - shit - will go find new ones later*

Hellu all - how are the lot of you? Well - this is going to be boring, I can just tell, so you can feel free to skip it - but I fancied a rant. Well... Actually - just a chat about myself 'cos I'm an egotistical git. All of what I want to put on here I Can't which is a real bummer 'cos I'm still bouncing off the walls but oh well. I shall make a rant about my new clothes. A nice rant. I like new clothes.

The end of last week I got a huge carrier bag off my grrn (gran for all of you who are uncultured  *kidding*) full of clothes off my cousins. (Who buy clothes like they're going out of fashion... (pardon the pun) ... and I get the ones they don't want anymore and that I like. Hand-me-downs, yes, but they're once-worn-if-you're-lucky hand-me-downs. So it's new clothes without spending a penny. I love my cousins.) Aaaand it was a nice batch of stuff - including a skirt I'm currently debating whether to wear in Belgium... It's very short and has a zip all the way up the front.  I love it. Along with many other nice things (including a top I originally thought was a waistcoat which I'm wearing today to go into Durham with - yes I will freeze but I plan on spending all my time in Doc Black so mehy mehy meh meh. (Mehy mehy meh meh???  I need some new quirks. Fast. ¬¬)

*sigh* What to talk about... hrmm... OH!! I KNOW!!


*sings and dances like some over-possessed loon*

Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes ohhh fuck yes! One more week then he's gone for good - I never thought this day would come and I don't believe it. (That'll teach him to tell me off for wearing eyeliner at school. Stupid man. Just 'cos he's as ugly as a pig's arse doesn't mean he has to take it out on everyone else!!) It's too good to be true... *looks at ceiling* You do love me up there, don't you? (I think they've just got a funny way of showing it... )

Aaaanyway - I have nothing else to talk about really and this was just a boredom buster. Hope everyone's okay etc. - I'm going to play on dA now. ^^

Love you all!! Byeeeee! xxxx

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Dragon Child
Is it just me who thinks the following image Really Didn't Happen?:

S'a full moon tonight - had a go at the woman at the science day thing 'cos she got it wrong. She asked this question (while in a planetarium):
She: "What's the moon tonight then?"
Me: *pipes up* Full moon tonight.
She: "No - it's crescent moon. *points red blinky thing at PLANETARIUM moon* *shoots me all-knowing-look*"
Me: ¬¬! That's not what you asked.

Grr. Sorry - there endeth my rant. I was right, she was wrong - she asked the wrong bloody question didn't she? Idiot woman.

Completely pointless and short entry - felt the need when I came across that image, sorry. There may be more like these - I'll warn you of 'em. ^^;
Feeling: calmRather Pointless! ^^!
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