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22 August 2006 @ 05:36 pm
Holiday Journal  
This is because I got really bored, as you can probably guess, and decided to practically eat up my diary with this Holiday Journal, plus comments of my own which you're Just Not Getting. This is my diary remember!!
Note: All in the italics is taken straight (ha!) out my diary. No edits have been done, bar any grammatical errors I may have made at some ungodsly hour when I wrote it. ^^;

Day 0.5 and Day 1

Day 0.5 - Because it was just as bad

After several arguments, a slashed tyre and a touching phone call it was approximately 12:15pm when I set off for Manchester. With a minor detour off the A1 to pick some things up from a friend's house (and a glimpse of two policemen with rifles!) I was, unfortunately, heading vaguely Manchesterwards.
Once there I paid a visit to the grandparents' house. Which wasn't as uneventful as usual, I accidentally left the door open when I went to read the contents of a certain envelope which had been teasing me all the way down - and the dog got out. Luckily, after many searches he was found next door - near the motorbike! (Clever dog!)
So, shutting the door firmly behind us, we went out for a meal - only to find my eleven (then ten) year old brother is heavier than I am! I haven't weighed myself at all recently, but, somehow, I'm aiming for about seven stone. Hrm. Anyway. Whatever.
Departing from said grandparents' house, the next destination was my uncle's house where we'd be staying the night - I only got about three hours sleep (hey - that's good!) as I was up at 4am that morning to go to the airport.

Day 1

Early start - easy boarding (bought a couple of books on the way - "The Diary of a Young Girl" - by Anne Frank (a truly outstanding read - if you haven't read it before, or in a while - you must. I promise you, you will not be disappointed!) which I read from start to finish that very day and Eragon by Christopher Paolini.
I was going to buy either "Spirited Away" or "Gravitation" (Volume I) but I couldn't find them for the UKanywhere - if you know where I could buy either you will get eternal, unconditional adoration, mmkay?
Anyway, after a three and a half hour plane ride, I arrived in Kalamata only to endure a two to three hour car ride to the Pyrenees (I fell asleep ^^;) I arrived. Unpacked - read more of Anne Frank's diary then ventured into a cat-infested town. (Seriously, there are millions of the things - but cute too!) After walking past a couple of territorial dogs who seemed to hate me – thus trying to maul me - I was fed, fine and warm in the midnight temperature of 25˚C (in air-conditioned areas!), finished the diary of Anne Frank - and resurrected my own diary. My only current danger is the prospect of being eaten to death by mosquitoes!
Day 2

Today wasn't boring, yet it wasn't the most exciting day ever. Got up at twelve, went in the pool. About 2pm I visited the local town - everything was shut and the weather was so hot I poured half the drinking water I had, which was warm by that point, down me. You can imagine the state, but I really didn't care. (Note added 22nd August: And it dried anyway, so the Greeks couldn't think I was any weirder than they already did!)
On the car journey back I saw the most amusing site ever - sheep being herded by a man on a motorbike! So totally excellent!
On the arrival back at the villa I was straight in the pool, until forced to go out, back into a bustling town, for a pizza. All was Greek, bar the pizza, and nearby Americans. (Who I almost hugged for speaking English!) One of these said Americans looked like someone I know.
After the meal I returned back to the villa to watch a bit of Greek TV - two women yelling in fluent Greek throwing a pillow at each other; so I added my own subtitles:

"That's your pillow!"
"No it's not!"
"I don't want the damn pillow!"
"Yes, you do!"
"You need the pillow!"
"No, I don't!"
"Fine - just have the pillow!"
"Yo' mama's so fat..."

The last is due to the facial expression - the entirety of the above? Evidence I need a life!

Day 3

Not much to talk about. GBA obsessed, again. Sunburnt. Miss everyone back home. Starting to get fed up now. M'tired and lonely. I wanna smuggle Baby Cat through customs cause he's so sweet!! (Note 22nd August: Just to clear things up Baby Cat is actually a small cat.) He wraps his tail round his front paws when sitting/lying/crouching. AWH. Mind keeps drifting back to Anne Frank. Must find out why. Hrm.

Day 4

Not that it matters any to you lot but I'll have to start writing these earlier - m'tired, but oh well.
Woke up this morning in an entirely foul mood - not surprising. Went to get the car fixed - they didn't speak English. Went to an ancient city near to where the villa was... Then went into the square for Häagen-Daas ice cream - felt sick and came back. Had a breakthrough on the GBA and went in the pool.
Went out for a meal and came back - the standard day. May be staying in tomorrow - who knows?

Day 5 + 6

Day 5

Ok, so I have to admit I was far too tired to do anything last night so here's an (oh so scintillating(!)) brief:

- Went to an ancient amphitheatre and archaeological sites*
- Went to a café
- Went to a Greek Lidl
- Came back
- Went in the pool
- Stayed in, ate pizza

*stuuuuuupidly hot

Day 6

Stayed in reading "Digital Fortress" by Dan Brown (an excellent must-read by computer geeks and techno-nerds alike) then went swimming. Came back in and went for a meal - most of today was bookcentric (I finished it within 24 hours) and nothing much happened - though I nearly hit a cat on the way home. No wonder really - they're as common as hookers in Amsterdam. (With, as I painfully recall, quite a similar reputation - ew.)

Day 7

Today was as exhilarating as ever(!) - got up at midday and played on my GBA and read some of "Deception Point" by Dan Brown (haven't read that much to comment yet) - was dragged (kicking and screaming, no less) outside at 4:30pm to go swimming. Did some of a character bio for City of Sûl before going swimming and doing laps (still IC it seemed!). Got out and went for a meal etc etc I swear if I see/eat grilled chicken again I’m going to turn sixth grade vegan (doesn’t eat anything that casts a shadow!)
(In other news – I’m reading “The Diary of a Young Girl” again. This has nothing to do with my ‘holiday’, but me; or Anne.
Every time I look into her innocent eyes, I feel my own well up with tears… She has to be one of the bravest people I know; and I feel I know her… But in reality I probably don’t know her at all. Completely my loss. If Hitler was alive today I promise you I’d be the first person in line to change that. The bastard!!!)
Day 8
One of the worst days yet, it has to be said. Woke up early to vile cereal, went outside for a walk through a local town (literally from one side to the other, nearby, up and down hills and whatnot) in stupid˚C - 31˚ in the shade I believe – and came back to find I was on my period. Excellent(!) Finished aforementioned character bio (sort of…) and drew before going to net café.
Usually this would be a good thing – however, I was edgy, being watched, upset, and eventually yelled at in front of Greek gamer geeks because Louise thought I was on chatrooms – but it was a suspicion.
In a mood for the rest of the night. Missing home. Rest assured once I finish this I’ll cry…
…damn period pain… *whimper*

Day 9
For the first time ever, I think, I really do hate to stay I told you so. I said I’d cry, and I did. I cried myself to sleep. Twice. Firstly because I want so badly to go home, and again when I woke at 4am because it felt like someone was test-driving their newly-sharpened electrical cheese-grater on my uterus. It bloody hurt.
Was woken at 12pm (lunchtime) and stayed reading, writing (fanfic) and playing on my GBA.
Went out for 8pm to icky restaurant*, then back to the villa. Crappy day, wanted to cry through it so much. Found myself just staring at something and saying its name over and over to distract me. (E.g. bottletop, bottletop, bottletop, bottletop…) It sort of works – but any other tactics can’t be used discreetly post-argument at the dinner table.
Anyway – I’ll pretend you’re praying for my uterus to be nice. It doesn’t really matter, I need to cry anyway; and the pain distracts me of the thoughts of everyone I treasure back home. Only time will tell…
*Went on a humiliating ‘street train’ beforehand. I vow to never speak of it again – starting… Now!
Day 10
Today was a ‘get up at 1:05pm in the afternoon, do nothing all day, stay in and eat pizza’ day – finished “Deception Point” by Dan Brown (bloody excellent) and now I have “Angels and Demons” to read – no doubt you’ll get my opinion soon enough. Once I’m done with this one I’ll have read all four of Dan Brown’s hit novels. I’m not sure if he’s written any more, but I hope he does. “The Da Vinci Code”, “Digital Fortress” and “Deception Point” have all been brilliant. I can’t deny I have high expectations for “Angels and Demons”! Oh well – better get reading!
My mood’s regrettably much the same, but books and fanfic take me out of this world…
Day 11
Was woken at 8am by a certain fly buzzing round my ear every five minutes or so. Little turd. Went shopping and bought everybody presents, then came back and chapter 4 of my fanfic, which is arguably going too fast, but oh well. Haven’t started “Angels and Demons” yet. Went back to net café from hell (though full of gamer geeks – yay!) – didn’t do much productive. Under watchful eye I read CtrlAltDel (E3?!?! Can someone enlighten me on what the merryfuck is going on?!?!?!?!) and the Anne Frank-Fonds website. Went out for a meal and hit the hay early.
M’tired, and I’m going steps climbing tomorrow. (Oh the sheer thrill of it all(!))
P.S. Might feign period cramp tomorrow.
Day 12 + 13
Day 12
Yesterday I went out at eight in the morning, visited a castle (by climbing up 914 steps or so), then went to the beach. Found a Polish café, and went for tea. Got back at 10:30pm. Thoroughly knackered.
(Added Note 22nd August: Oh, and that night half of said castle was burnt, and no-one’s been up since. I think it was someone who dropped a cigarette into bushes or something. *shrug* But it was on the news anyway. Bad news? I’m ok. xP)
Day 13
Got up at 1:05pm. (The lazy sod I am.) Did nothing ‘til 6pm then went to the beach town for tea. Went shopping/browsing but didn’t find anything.
In other news: Louise broke my Anne Frank Diary. So, so, so, so, pissed off. She says she’ll buy me a new one but I’ll get it myself. My source of support and guidance is NOT her charity!
Post-Holiday Note
So, that’s it. I didn’t write a Day 14 – but I just stayed in all day. Turns out my copy of Anne Frank’s Diary is now totally destroyed. It got waterlogged when it was put under a sunbed and my brother decided to go sit by it when he got out the pool. Pissed off is not in it. Though I’ve kept it. I’m not throwing it away. It’s one of my most prized possessions – and it’s not going to be touched by anyone but me. Ever again.
I’m back now though, which is good. Thanks for everyone who missed me, and all those who’ve had the chance to welcome me back. I love you all. ^^

Journal's behind the cut, I'm ok now and staying at my friend's for a few days - so all is good I'm away from Them. Alleluia!!

(Still reading 'Angels and Demons' - left it at home. Damn me!!)

Then I'm going in to town on Saturday, and a week after that going to said friend's birthday party. Should be fun. Must buy presents. Will go and get them on Saturday...

As for you lot: Happy (rest of) holidays!

Edit: Now the thing is actually behind a cut... ¬¬;
Feeling: creativeRPing!!
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