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31 July 2006 @ 09:56 am
I Miss You...  

Hey guys - how is everyone?

Nobody probably even reads this. It's another bogstandard, rarely updated, not that impressive LJ on the internet... I'm not special. I'm not great. I'm not different.

Then why, when I'm so alike everything else, do I feel so alone?

I've tried telling people how I feel and I don't even think they get it. I'm on holidays and I miss people... Heck I miss certain people when I'm not on holiday too... I just don't know if they get it.

I've not been sleeping again lately... Which is ok on some nights 'cos outside my bedroom window, if it's a clear night, you can see Ursa Major (the constellation) beautifully... Though it definately looks more like a frying pan than a bear...

See? And since when did bears have tails that long anyway?

So sleeping is ok... Well... I can't sleep without listening to an entire album or two... And I always get distracted by the planes flying in and out of the local airport. They don't half take off weirdly... O.o' But all of that's probably my fault for sleeping upside down and sleeping under the window. I have a cold to prove it, too... Damned drafts coming in. ¬¬;

I haven't been doing any emotes worth noting lately... But I am becoming a bit of a dA Addict... At least I get to talk to people on there though. Which is, arguably, a good thing.

Why arguably? 'Cos everytime I'm on my own I'm happy... Then when I come off the phone, or MSN, or chatrooms I'm always really unhappy... I don't know why.

This would usually just be attention-seeking from me... But I think there's something deeply wrong... And I have for a while now.

But as a friend of mine Furiianda so happily states: "There's something deeply wrong with every single person on earth. That's what makes people great!"

Anyway - I won't be around from Saturday onwards 'til 20th or 21st. I'm going on holiday to Greece and, although I am looking forward to Greece itself sort of, it's being masked by the overwhelming dread because I Just Don't Wanna Go With Them. I'm gonna sit in my room all day with headphones in, a large hat and a good book. I'm a holiday spoiler? You haven't met my "parents". Last year was complete torment. Three days into the holiday I literally would've killed to go home. No such luck however, and at the time it just so happened the Harry Potter book came out exactly halfway through the holidays. I was so irritated. Now as I feel like I do it's gonna be a thousand times worse 'cos I'll lose any contact I do have. But I'm taking my mobile... Screw how expensive it is... I can cope. One or two texts a day.

So I'm off to Greece, won't be here but I rarely ever am... Have a nice fortnight everyone!!


Feeling: lonelyAlone and unloved... *sniffle*
Listening To: 3 Doors Down: Here Without You